Live Aboard in Alaska and British Columbia

© Werner Thiele PhotographyNautilus Swell – the new vessel

The trips in Alaska and British Columbia are made with Nautilus Swell, a beautiful, classic, 90foot vessel. Imagine just 12 to 14 guests onboard. Beautiful quiet, serene mornings relaxing on the covered back deck in a wicker couch with a cup of coffee in your hand. Seven staterooms, all with private facilities. A high-speed, triple engine, 38foot dive skiff whisking you to dive sites in the blink of an eye. And the same crew, exceptional service levels and attention to detail that the Nautilus Explorer is famous for.

Swell © Nautilus SwellIt’s all in the small but important touches like setting up your gear in the skiff just once at the start of your trip, a single step up from the skiff to the main boat, a large multi-level camera table, a protected area out of the weather to gear up in your drysuit, a sparkling clear hot-tub, individual heat controls in the cabins, kayaks, zodiac shore excursions, and a hostess with hot drinks and snacks waiting for you after every dive.

© Nautilus ExplorerWith 19 years of dive charter experience in B.C. and Alaska, the Nautilus crew have a pretty good idea of where to take you for the most amazing possible vacation. From calving glaciers and climbing onto icebergs, bubblenet-feeding humpback whales, eagles, grizzly bears, pulse-pounding dives with stelle’r sea lions and giant octopus, impressive wrecks like the Princesses Sophia and Kathleen to walls that are so covered with brightly coloured corals there isn’t a square inch you can touch. We invite you to join us.

© Nautilus ExplorerAlaska

Alaska is something every diver should experience. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of coldwater dives under your weightbelt or have never been in a drysuit before. You need to experience this. The scenery is stunning and spectacular. The diving is some of the best cold-water diving in the world. And the animals topside are just as enthralling as the critters below the surface: grizzly bears ambling along the beach, bald eagles more numerous than seagulls, humpback whales blowing right beside the back deck at water level as you sip your morning coffee. This is the full meal deal, from incredible diving, photo opportunities, kayaking and shore excursions all the way to climbing up icebergs.

© Nautilus ExplorerBritish Columbia

B.C. diving offers some of the best cold-water diving in the world. Incredible colour. Amazing diversity of life. Giant Pacific octopus. Wolf-eels. Nudibranchs galore. Giant kelp forests. Vertical walls so densely covered in life that there isn’t even a square inch in which you can touch the wall. It’s no wonder that this was ranked as the best diving in North America three years in a row by Rodale’s. This is heaven for those who appreciate and enjoy the challenge of drysuit diving.

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