Compass © Morten Beier Tropic Ice Dive

Alaska and British Columbia

AlaskaIncredible colour. Giant pacific octopus, wolf-eels, nudibranchs galore, giant kelp forests, vertical walls so densely covered in life that there isn’t even a square inch in which you can touch the wall and lots of critters. Above the surface grizzly bears ambling along the beach, bald eagles more numerous than seagulls, humpback whales blowing right beside the back deck water. See more of Alaska and British Columbia->


Diver by iceberg © Morten Beier Tropic Ice DiveDive north of the Arctic Circle, under an iceberg, at wrecks very few people in the World have ever seen and enjoy the colourful marine life. Get close to the humpbacks. Depending on the season you can even wreck dive under the ice! See more of Greenland->


Guadalupe fur seal playing in the waves © Morten Beier Tropic Ice DiveVisit the pacific side of Mexico. Dive with the Great White Shark in 25-40m viz in BLUE water at Guadalupe. Play with sea lions and seals in the kelp forest at San Benitos. See hammerheads and more at Clipperton or admire the giant pacific mantas, dolphins and sharks at Socorro. Combined trips available. Se more of Mexico->

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sea squirts in Saudi Arabia © Morten Beier Tropic Ice DiveVisit the Red Sea like it was before mass tourism kicked in, there are only 3 live-aboard boats along the coast of Saudi-Arabia. See the wrecks, experience the lively coral reefs and inhabitants, dolphins, silky- and tiger sharks, hammerheads, false orcas, rightwhales, whalesharks and up to 200kg sea turtles. You might not see all, but some of it should be enough to keep you happy. See more of Saudi Arabia->