Arrows kangerlussuaq airport Greenland © Morten Beier Tropic Ice DivePractical information about specific destinations is available under the menu Destinations->”your choice of destination”->Practicalities.


There are alcoholic beverages available onboard except in Saudi Arabia. Please note that diving after drinking is not permitted.


You may cancel your trip at any time, but the amount you have paid when you decide will normally not be refunded unless it is possible to find another guest to take your place. More details under each destination.


All dive trips include tanks and weights. Additional equipment can be rented if you don’t bring your own. There is spare equipment available at your destination, should your own equipment fail.


There is an English speaking dive guide on all dive trips. In Greenland the guiding is also available in Danish.


Insurance is not included in the price. You are welcome to contact Tropic Ice Dive for assistance.


There are hyperlinks to relevant webpages under “Practicalities” for each destination.


20% deposit must be paid to make a reservation. The complete trip balance must be paid 2 months before departure.


You will find prices for each of the destinations in the submenu Prices under FAQ. Detailed prices are listed under Itineraries for each of the destinations. In general prices include diving, tanks weights, activities, hotels and meals as stated in the itinerary. Flights, additional activities and insurance are NOT included.


You may make a reservation (or “book your trip”), by calling or e-mailing me. When we have selected your favourite trip, you will receive a request for payment of a deposit normally 2 months before departure.