Greenland Nature in its purest form

icebergs outside Illulisat © Morten Beier Tropic Ice Dive

Diver by an iceberg © Morten Beier Tropic Ice Dive

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Nature in its purest form

You cannot help but be impressed when diving in Greenland. It is a total experience with the sights underwater reinforced by the view from the surface. After diving a shipwreck that very few people have seen, you come up to a landscape of mountains, glaciers or heavyweight icebergs Sculpin in Greenland © Morten Beier Tropic Ice Divedrifting by…and your next dive will be just one of those icebergs!

Whilst diving, you will almost certainly see wolf fish and lumpsuckers, forests of sugar tongs with leaves 4-6 metres long, and fire-red sea cucumbers. You can gather scallops for supper too.

Diving in Greenland is organised in co-operation with Tropic Ice Dive, Humpback Whale playing around the boat © Morten BeierHumpback Whale playing around the boat in illulisat Greenland © Morten Beier Tropic Ice DiveCopenhagen and Sirius Greenland, Sisimiut.

Be amongst the first in the world to dive
the shipwrecks Borgin and the Prisonship and
experience the amazingly lively world under the seas
of Greenland

Fire red sea cucumbers Greenland © Morten Beier Tropic Ice Dive

Whilst sailing, it is almost impossible not to see whales and seals.

If lucky, we will be able to come close to humpback whales. This protected species seems completely unfazed by the presence of man. We are hoping to be able to swim with these beautiful giants.

The west coast of Greenland
Dogsledding in Illulisat Greenland © Erling Svensen

The diving takes place in the waters between Kangerlussuaq, just north of the Actic Circle, and Ilulissat which  lies in Diskobay 250km north as the bird flies. On these trips, luxury is not counted in the number of jacuzzi s, but in outdoor experiences.

The adventures are waiting for you

The dive trips have, of course, a focus on diving. But going to Greenland View over Sisimiut © Morten Beier Tropic Ice Divewithout spending some time on land would be a shame. Therefore, as well as diving from a boat, there will be visits to some towns with the possibility for other activities – for example, a hike to the huge ice fjord (a UNESCO World Heritage site) or via helicopter, where you are set down very near the glacier itself.

There are fantastic hiking opportunities along the way, and the breathtaking scenery makes a bit of effort worthwhile. If you are more inclined towards shopping for handicrafts and hanging out in a café with an espresso or a beer we have you covered.

The trip is planned to shift between a couple of nights on the boat or in tents, and some overnight stays at comfortable hotels. Whilst at sea, you a welcome to fish for your supper.

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