Dive with turtles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Explore Saudi-arabia with Tropic Ice Dive © Morten BeierThe diving in Saudi Arabia is often described like the Egyptian side of the Red Sea 30 years ago, and there are virtually no divers! There are only three liveaboard boats along the coast of Saudi Arabia, so there are very few chances you will dive with divers from other boats.

For the moment tourist visas are not obtainable for KSA. If you have visa already – the doors are open :-)

Dive with turtles in Saudi-Arabia © Morten BeierThe animals

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers soft and hard corals, dolphins, silky- and tiger sharks, right whales and turtles up to 200kg. besides the usual suspects from the Red Sea.  Between January and March there is a chance of seeing whale sharks and false orcas. You may not see all of these creatures, but some of them should be enough to keep you happy :-) On our pioneering trip in 2010 we hadn’t had a single dive when a whale shark turned up – time for snorkeling!

The hanging gardens © Morten BeierThe dive sites

There are several options for diving. On the liveaboard trips to Farasan Banks, you will experience lots of beautiful reefs and even the hanging gardens with the most incredibly coloured sea squirt which has yet to be named.

Jeddah and north to Yanbu you will find lots of old and new wrecks ranging from an old Chinese sailing ship to modern coastal ships. Besides that there are beautiful reefs. The northern area is more rich in soft corals than the southern reefs and generally 2-3 degrees colder.

Small part o Ann-Ann © Morten BeierOutside Jeddah you find plenty of wrecks, so add a few days in Jeddah before your liveaboard if you want to dive them too.

Above water

Besides the diving, we can arrange trips into the country to experience a completely different culture, for example to visit the Nabateean Tombs in Madan Salah.

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