two towering icebergs © Morten Beier Tropic Ice DiveBelow are approximate prices for the dive trips to the different locations. The actual price depends on the flights from your destination, your choice of itinerary and any additional activities you might want at the destination. For more exact prices follow the link to the itineraries for each of the destinations. All prices are without flights, insurance and hotels unless stated above. Tropic Ice Dive is always happy to help you and to make the trip as easy as possible for you.

Alaska and British Columbia

8-days live aboard starting at 11.050DKK / 1.500€ / 1.950USD
See itineraries to Alaska and BC->


7-day itinerary with 4 days of diving, including 5 nights at hotels starting at: 42.800DKr / 5.800€ / 7.400USD
12-day itinerary with 6 days of diving including 7 nights at hotels starting at: 49.800DKr / 6.700€ / 8.600USD
See itineraries to Greenland->

Mexico – Pacific ocean

9-day liveaboard to Soccoro starting at 13.000DKK / 1.750€ / 2.295USD
16-day live aboard combining 2 of the destinations in Mexico for example Clipperton and Socorro starting at 25.770DKK / 3.460€ / 4.550USD
See itineraries to Mexico->

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

7-day liveaboard starting at 7.646DKK / 1.030€/1.350USD
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