Claudia and SibylleTravelling with Morten and Bo for us was the most exciting, safest and most wonderful dive-journey you can ever think of in the Arctic. We have been to places where only a few people or none have ever been. Diving was so various and eventful, always something new.

Claudia and Sibylle, Germany

Francis Le Guen © Marie-Ange Ostré

When first I had the idea of shooting under icebergs in Greenland, I tried to find local partners. Even if we are professionals, I knew that it was an hazardous task. Then, I discovered this site. When I met the two guys on field, at Illulissat, I confirmed they were the right guys. Good boat and equipment, strong boys knowing very well Greenland waters. After, I suspended my breath during the under ice trip so fascinating it was… A must see for any diver. And Arctic Dive is the right place to do it and “break the ice” safely…

Francis Le Guen, Carnets d’Expedition leader, France

Dear Morten,
I am writing to thank you for an exceptional dive trip. From the moment you met our dive group in Copenhagen to our return seven days later I was extremely impressed with the level of organisation and the standard of facilities arranged for us.

I was expecting great things from what I was hoping would be a challenging and visually stunning dive trip, you should take pride in knowing that you more than exceeded my expectations.

You have my endorsement in relation to your organisation, accommodation, dive boat & skipper, facilities, enthusiasm, stunning scenery and most of all the diving. I have many memories of stunning dives all over the world; I can assure you that this trip will rank as one of the best.

Mike Warrilow, England

It was just fantastic! Very different from everything we´ve dived before…..Bo was a very good guide and we enjoyed his fellowship very well! I will advertise in Switzerland for your travel-company. Thank you for your wonderful help and perhaps we will meet again…..

Guido and Johanna Baumann, Switzerland

What a feeling! It was damned cold here. But this cold can also be a gigantic fun! On some dives round Sissimiut we found flora and fauna with more colours than in some reefs in the northern Red Sea.

Paul Munzinger, Freelance UW photographer and jounalist, Germany

A different experience, that you will remember for a long time. You probably need to be a little crazy:)

Erling Svensen, Freelance UW photographer and jounalist, Norway